"to inspire reverence for wildlife and concern for the natural environment"

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Brick Walk Campaign

Dear Friends & Members

An important and lasting addition to the grounds of the Green Briar Nature Center will be the construction of a brick walkway leading to the Education Center.  We are pleased to offer you an opportunity to participate in our Brick Walk Campaign.  Your participation will help us generate much needed funds, while establishing you, your family and friends as vital and concerned partners in our natural environment.

Your personalized walkway brick will be prominently placed in our beautifully designed grounds where it can be found for generations to come. 

Bricks may be purchased in two sizes:

4 x 8 inches - Standard Size. Cost $100 imprinted.   Maximum: 18 spaces per line; 3 lines available

8 x 8 inches - Large Size.  Cost $250 imprinted.  Maximum: 18 spaces per line; 6 lines available

If you wish to do a brick for a gift, we can make a photo facsimile and send it to you to present to the recipient.



Please fill in the name or phrase you wish to have on your donor brick.  You have the option of using one, two or three lines on a small brick and up to 6 lines on a large brick.  You can have the text in all upper case or all lower case or a combination of both.

Print exactly the way you wish your brick to read.  If you print in UPPER CASE or lower case, the text will be engraved in UPPER CASE  or lower case.  You may also use numbers in the inscription.

The spacing between the words is considered as a character.  Punctuation does require a space.  In addition to letters and numbers, we can inscribe the following punctuation marks: commas, quotation marks, ampersands, parenthesis, dashes and periods.  Remember to leave spaces between words.

If you have any question about ordering a brick, please call the Development Office at (508)888-6870.

Order Form   pdf








Thornton W. Burgess Society
6 Discovery Hill Road
East Sandwich, MA 02537