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Reptiles Rock!

Nature Program

Reptiles Rock!

a Rainforest Reptiles Show

Thursday, July 12, 2018, 10am & 12:30 pm.

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Reptiles Rock, the Rainforest Reptile Show’s most popular and unique presentation engages children of all ages at hands-on level. Reptiles Rock includes a mini zoo set-up with 10 to 14 smaller animals such as bugs, frogs, snakes and lizards to look at. Plus, the fun and informative presentation by a Rainforest Reptile herpetologist with 4 larger animals including a large red or yellow foot tortoise ( S. America), a large monitor or tegu lizard (Africa or S. America), a 9 to 10 ft. boa or python (S. America or Myramar/Burma) and of course, the American alligator  (USA).  All habitats are tropical or semi-tropical rainforests.
Throughout the presentation there will be opportunities for volunteers to come up and assist. After the program, everyone will have the opportunity to handle both the snake and the alligator. Join us for this fun, dynamic and educational program.
Thornton W. Burgess Green Briar Nature Center & Jam Kitchen
in collaboration with the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History
6 Discovery Hill Road, East Sandwich, MA 02537