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Happy Birthday to Thornton W. Burgess

Happy Birthday to Thornton W. Burgess, born January 14, 1874

In 1925, in the earliest days of radio, naturalist and children’s author Thornton Burgess enthusiastically introduced to the public his idea for a Radio Nature League. It would be a platform for the public to share information and learn about Nature, from tent caterpillars to woodchucks and ruffed grouse. He teasingly suggested that his birthday, January 14, was coming up, and his radio audience could give him a fine present by joining the new league. He had 5,000 members within three weeks!

Now, nearly 100 years later, perhaps we too can belated give Mr. Burgess a birthday present by supporting the Thornton Burgess Society and Cape Cod Museum of Natural History in their work to promote, as he so passionately did, environmental education.