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Earth Day 2024

Come celebrate Earth Day 2024 with us at Green Briar! Help beautify the grounds that created the backdrop and inspiration for the world of Thornton Burgess and his beloved stories. On this very special day we will work in honor of Nature. Help to weed, mulch, cut back, clear invasive plants, and make sure any litter is properly removed. Together we will improve the habitats for friends of feather and fur!

Though not necessary, you may bring any yard tools you have, including gloves, clippers, rakes, trimmers. 

To re-estab­lish and main­tain Nature’s fine bal­ance among all liv­ing things, and to hold as a sacred trust the oblig­a­tion to make only the best pos­si­ble use of nat­ur­al resources, to the end that the inher­i­tance we of today have received from the past may be passed on unim­paired, even improved, to future gen­er­a­tions for the bet­ter­ment of mankind through all time.

– Thornton W. Burgess, 1960 Now I Remember: Autobiography of an Amateur Naturalist