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Green Meadow Forest

Peter and his friends are back!


Visit the storybook world of Peter Rabbit, Grandfather Frog, Reddy Fox, Mrs. Quack, Billy Mink, and the many other characters that internationally known children’s author, Thornton W. Burgess, created at the turn of the 20th century.

The Green Meadow Forest experience resurrects the Thornton W. Burgess legacy as an environmentalist, conservationist and author of over 170 children’s books and dozens of special animal characters. His characters come to life through the illustrations of renowned illustrator, Harrison Cady. You can play with Mr. and Mrs. Peter Rabbit in their Rabbit Hollow, fish with Billy Mink, try Plinko with Happy Jack Squirrel and enjoy other activities during your visit. Visitors will become familiar with the animals native to the area, their habitat and how they were portrayed in Burgess’s stories.

We welcome a new generation of kids and families to enjoy this special place. Although it is especially meaningful to those that read the Burgess stories when they were growing up, the stories are relevant today.


Our live animal display highlights our bunnies, and we also have environmentally accurate habitats for some of the smaller woodland creatures. Enjoy a closer look at some of the animals that inhabit Cape Cod and appear in Burgess stories. For added fun, our Treetop Shop has a selection of Burgess books, character puppets and tools for the nature lover explorer.

Explore the Green Meadow Forest & Menagerie


  1. Bring your own private party of 8 per session. Visitors can bring their own combination of adults and children totaling 8.
    $96 for Members
    $120 for Non Members
  2. Sign up for open slots in a convenient time slot.
    $12 for Members
    $15 for Non Members

Please note: Option 2 mean you will be in the Green Meadow Forest with other visitors. If you do not wish to share the space, then you must choose option one and pay for the 8 spaces available in your time slot.

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