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Planned Giving

Imagine you can provide a lasting gift to Cape Cod and generations to come by making a donation or planned gift to the Museum. A gift or donation to the Museum and the Thornton Burgess Society/Green Briar Nature Center provides important support for our education programs and exhibits and helps build an endowment to ensure our future as a premier museum of natural history, educational institution, and steward of conservation land. You can make a one-time gift or you can pledge to make a larger gift by spreading the payments over several months or a year.

For questions or assistance in planning a meaningful gift, please contact Robert F. Dwyer at 508.896.3867 x113 or via e-mail at

Ways to Support Annual Fund

The Annual Fund provides funding for basic operations and high quality programs. Your tax deductible contribution to the  Annual Fund helps keep admission and membership prices affordable so that the entire community can benefit from the many wonderful programs and exhibits we offer.

Gifts of Cash

Your cash contribution, besides providing immediate charitable funding, is eligible for an income tax deduction with a limitation of up to 50% of your adjusted gross income. You have five years after the year of your gift to deduct any excess value not deducted in the year of your gift.

Gifts of Stock

The Museum gladly accepts gifts of long term appreciated securities. These are also referred to as Gifts in Kind. With a gift of appreciated securities you can often avoid paying capital gains tax and at the same time you receive a substantial income tax charitable deduction.

Gifts of Life Insurance and Retirement Benefits

Your gifts of life insurance and IRAs are welcome and appreciated by a charitable endowment fund. Retirement benefits are an exceptional asset to use for your charitable giving. By naming the charitable organization as a beneficiary of your retirement plan, the distributions to the organization will not be subject to income taxes.

Memorial Giving

You can make a charitable donation and remember a deceased loved one at the same time. A memorial gift is given in memory of a departed family member or friend and can take a variety of forms depending upon your wishes.

Estate Plan

Estate planning provides a unique opportunity to make a significant gift to support the Museum. A bequest under your will is one way to ensure that your final wishes are carried out according to plan and your charitable giving continues after you are gone. With a will you can bequest a specified dollar amount, a specified percentage of your estate, or the residue of your estate. A charitable remainder trust is also an attractive way to make a future charitable gift by transferring an appreciated asset over to a trust. The income stream you receive can be set up as a fixed amount annually or a fixed percentage and at the end of the trust term, the remaining trust assets are distributed to the Museum. With a charitable lead trust you make a gift of income immediately to the Museum. At the close of the trust term, the principal can be passed to the heirs of your estate. There are many tax benefits to setting up charitable trusts which at the same time benefit the Museum. It is recommended that you consult with your attorney and tax advisor when making a planned charitable gift.


Sponsoring an event, program, or exhibit shows that your business values connecting people with nature. The Museum needs sponsors to support both year-round events, lecture series, and programs.